The Website

Hey guys,

Convenant here. This will be our website. Yes it is in a blog format. Yes Reveng, it does look kind of gay but with time, effort and lots of editing, it will look less and less girly and we will achieve this cold, deadly yet laid back look you’re looking for. Yes Ghost, we can post a picture of my pizza pan…

The reason I chose a blog for our website is because it’s free, low maintenance, reliable and beautiful. We can post whenever we like, easily, without hassle, and hopefully it will motivate us to update it often. Making a post and putting it online takes about 30 seconds, and anybody can contribute; they just need to send me a picture or a block of text.

As I said, with time, we will customize is fully suit our needs. We’ll add our guild emblem, our pictures, our posts, and with time, I hope this blog will feel like yours too. Guild Wars 2 has a big scene and I hope we’d be able to have a spotlight in that scene through our ingame achievements, but also community-wise achievements. We’ll add videos, pictures, posts, guides, music, art or whatever. I play piano so I’ll make a video of me playing the GW2 theme song soon, for example…

So much dreams for the future, happy hunting



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