Welcome to AoN

Good afternoon guys,

Convenant here and I’d like to welcome you to AoN. Before all I wanted to talk about the guild. So much has happened this past week and many exciting things have happened. We started AoN just barely a week ago and already we can see a solid and active roster forming up. Within this week, we got our mumble server up, our website up and we have played together for many, many hours and had plenty of fun. So far, I’m very happy with the progression we’ve made so far, but I believe there is always room for improvement, and moreso now that I’ve had a glimpse at our potential.

Now, as your beloved leader and supreme mojo commander chairman president, it’s important for me to have a direction set for the guild. It’s also important I share this direction with you guys so you always feel like you’re contributing towards something. Ultimately, I want AoN to distinguish from all those other guilds with poor leadership by making you really proud to represent and to log on. I want to point out a common goal, not just ”grow and prosper” but a tangible goal, that we will KNOW it when we’ll have achieved it. Here we go.

Now, although this is all new, I know most of you want a tight group that can plow through enemy zergs, racking up kills while looking out for each other in WvW. That’s exactly what we (the leaders) have in mind also. But many of us still want to contribute towards our server; yes we want to roam and kill, but we also want to make our kills count towards the greater good. Kinda like a SEAL team, you know? By the way some people already referred us as that. Now, how to achieve this?

Now the first step is to recruit. Let’s face it, although I witnessed us take on 20 with 5 and win, but more often than not, there’s more than 20 of them running around. In order to make a meaninful impact, I believe we must aim to field a 15-20 men on our prime time (organized events, server-wide pushes…etc.). Let’s look at the criterias I think we should be aiming for. Very simple:

– Be level 80

– Be on voice-com

– Be willing

After we get our roster set up, and even during the process, I think this is the way we should run our groups. We want to run tight WvW groups. We hit fast and we hit hard. We are mobile, we have map control and we are everywhere. When we’re taking a supply with the zerg, I want our group to stand together. When we’re fighting with the zerg, I want our group to watch each other’s backs. We’re a team. When we’re done, you rally on the leader, buff up, speed boosts, and we’re off to our next task. We’d coordinate with the commanders and do the difficult job that the zerg can’t handle. Raiding supply, splitting their zergs, ensuring our own zerg wins fights, guard reinforcement/supply lines…etc. By doing that, we’ll get the satisfaction of contributing to the faction while staying a tight group.

To achieve that level of communication we will absolutely need voice com. It was be mandatory to communicate fast and well. That’s why I’m enforcing mumble whenever we’re PVPing seriously. Now I’ve said enough and I can’t predict the future. This is the goal I’m trying to achieve and I hope you guys feel the same way. This is a new guild and every member has the power to shift our direction. If you have ANY concern, I’m always open. On that note, I’ll see you ingame.

Happy hunting,



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