Rotation 5: Borlis Pass, Anvil Rock, Ehmry Bay

Greetings friends,

Very very productive week for us dear AoN :). I hope everybody’s enjoyed it, from destroying people in WvW, achieving feats we’ve never done, racking up mad street creds, recruiting many new members and listening to Taco’s real terror stories. I’ll keep this short once again, because our 1-month anniversary is coming soon and I’d like to write a big post about that to make a point on the direction we’d like to head to.

First of all, welcome to Exalon, Stumpy, Mei and PK. Exalon and Mei are our 2nd and 3rd mesmers, Stumpy’s our 3rd active warrior and PK is our 2nd ranger. We hope you all feel at home asap so we can open further recruitement. Let’s make some points:

Reputation, this has been most excellent this week and I can’t stress this enough, please please please be careful with our reputation. Between saying something stupid and keeping quiet, always keep quiet! We need to be respectable if we want to run around and still have mad street credz.

Killing, oh god we’ve gotten so damn good at it. We’re a machine. Please keep being creactive, Tacosupreme was really awesome and an excellent example. Keep finding new ways to do glorious stuff; we have the skill and the communication to do anything so let’s abuse of it.

Mumble, be aware, we’ve switched to!


Rotation 4: Darkhaven, Northern Shiverpeaks, Ehmry Bay

Hey, I’ll keep it simple today :). These are our following goals for week 4:

Keep working on pulling out and the ability to stay alive in any type of situation.

  • We’ve made excellent progress this week; we improved a lot on dealing with large zergy situations. 
  • There’s still imperfections, so this is a work in progress. 

Get Akasera his commander icon. He’s sitting at over 70 gold atm so I believe we’ll achieve it within this week. This is how I think it will work:

  • I will lead the AoN group. We will still be the SEAL team.
  • Akasera, when his commander icon is turned on (it can be turned on or off), will command the zerg.
  • Akasera will be able to use us as he wills it when herding the zerg; he may use us as a supply raid team, as cutting reinforcement lines or sticking with the zerg to ensure they have an easier time.
  • We will work as a GUILD to ensure that Akasera’s reputation stays as best as possible. That means don’t look too cocky, don’t insult the pubs, don’t be an asshole.
  • This venture relies on the fact that Akasera is competent as a commander. This demands trust from us, and also responsibility for him. As representant of AoN, his actions will reflect upon us. This is why it’s very important he does a good job and we support him 100%.
  • If you need ANY clarifications or concerns, talk to me.


  • We need more players still. We’re ready to accept new members so let’s work on that!

The Eagle

”You can put wings on a pig, but you don’t make it an eagle.”

You can get your mumble, run around together, and think yourself as an ”organized group”, but you aren’t AoN. Catch up.

October 10th Compendium

Hello people,

It’s been a while since the last update and I’ve got plenty of things to say. Let’s go point by point:

1) New members

A few days ago we gave ourselves a goal to recruit new members fast. That goal was achieved and I’d like to welcome 3 new level 80s: Additv, Jhuce, Konnerr. Also our first non-level 80 that we recruited on accident; but whom is pretty good at PVP so we decided to keep him: Snake! Welcome to you all; make yourself at home and again, if you need anything, I’m addicted to this game so I’ll be on.

This also means these members need to integrate themselves FAST. That means PVP with us a lot, talk to us, get used to how we play so we can keep on recruiting. Please also get a mic if possible :P.

2) Voice-com

We need to talk more during PVP. I know I talk a lot; but I’m specifically talking about when we’re fighting. We’ve been doing so good, but I think to reach the next step this is important. I need you guys to communicate anything that can make us more effective. Popping elite, fear, AOE snare, AOE CC, pool, snare, cripple, vulnerable, cake, cookies whatever the heck you think will make us EFFECTIVE.

I can’t stress this enough. Doing so will make others know what your class can do, what’s your CDs, recognize abilities, and learn ways to chain stuff to achieve better synergy. Yes, mumble’s gonna be a mess when we’re locked up in a fight. I don’t care… With time, we’ll get more experienced and eventually, we’ll learn to play with each other and with time, we won’t even need to say anything; it will be automatic.

3) Shut me up

If I’m talking too much or stepping out of line, in mumble or in zone chat, shut me up. I don’t think it’s much of an issue, but this is just to remind everyone that taking care of a problem NOW if more efficient than getting pissed silently in it.

4) Further improvement on our tactics: pulling out

During the last few days, we’ve become extremely good at bombing and daggerstorming. It’s time to introduce the next concept (not the hardest, I’m trying to go step by step.): never dying. Everbody needs to get really good at pulling out before they get downed; know your limit. When you get downed in the middle of them without a plan to get back up, you’re forcing your team to build around you. We’ll work on that aspect next week probably, but for now, we’re just simply not good enough to rez a lone member in the middle of a 10v30 situation. Don’t get caught.

As a SEAL team, we fight on our terms. We should ALWAYS have the freedom to pull out and restrategize if we need to. This means 2 things: don’t commit unless I say so and don’t commit your team. Sometimes we’ll bomb them and realize we don’t have enough DPS to finish them off. It’s the leader’s call to say ”GTFO TIME” and it’s your job to allow us to do so. When it’s GTFO TIME, pull back towards where I say; stay close to the blue dots and rally on me.

Maybe you’re thinking we’re already doing this. Yes, we are, and we’re far better at it than 99% of the GW2 population (I reserve the right to be realistic and cocky on our own website). But we’re not perfect, and the main flaw is we don’t help each other out. Guys; when somebody’s getting chain snared rooted bled immobilized dazed stunned, please help him… you can either draw attention off of him, heal him, buff him, and even burst his chasers to make him panic. I don’t want none of this every man for himself in AoN…

I want us to never die. We shouldn’t die, ever ever. We can kill less, I don’t care. But we fight on our terms and we never die. That’s our goal and I want us to achieve it before we move on to the next.

5) Server reputation

This has been touchy, as let’s face it: there’s a fuckton of drama going on. We’re stepping away from the scene for a while and we’re just gonna work on being liked by everyone. No coordination. We just work on perfecting ourselves.

On this note, have a good day guys and I’ll you tonight :).


Rotation 3: Gates of Madness, Sorrow’s Furnace, Ehmry Bay

Good morning all,

I hope you had good sleep; it was a tiring but awesome night. Closing the 2nd week of WvW, our server was doing quite bad and AoN felt it too. Fighting the Maguuma zerg and botters with 3 orbs was quite difficult, and people (besides AoN) were just not that motivated for WvW.

As we enter the 3rd rotation, I’d like to congratulate all of you for being part of the amazing progress we made. When the server reset last time, we had a small party of 5 people on. In a week’s time, we’ve expanded that number to 10, and I’d say with almost no lost of quality, structure, effectiveness or fun factor. We are still on the right path towards our goal. Now for the specific and lessons we learned:

  • Although we still do have enormous respect for commander Zaileen/Sovietcuba, we despise Keep Trading. That was a huge letdown for me and the guild about GH. Going for Karma instead of kills is just not how we work.
  • As the need for a 2nd party leader arises, Macarak has stepped up. He will aid me in keeping the 2nd party together, coordinated and going. Ultimately, I still will be calling the shots until another WvWvW leader steps up.
  • Everybody’s invited to visit and register an account; it’s a server forum. This is completely optional; same as when I press you to post in our recruitement topic.
  • As we gain attention, protecting our reputation will be more and more important. Right now, I’d say we are pretty respected. I hope it will keep this way and we’ll gain mad street creds with our feats.
  • We took 10 and wiped at least 30, then proceded on killing 2 trebs and 2 ballistas. I hope you guys realize the awesomeness of what we’re achieving here!

I can’t think of anything else to add, but this was just to make a stop and reflect on our progress. AoN is now up to 18 members, and I do feel that those 18 members feel good playing with each other. Keep calm and carry on.




AoN one week old!

It just hit me today that our guild just hit 7 days old. That’s amazing; I feel like we’ve been around for a long time already.  I feel, and I hope you all do too, that we’re already racking up street cred, kills, glory and riches. Since the creation of the guild, we’ve rapidly learned to play together and discover the game. I’m happy, and also suprised, that we help each other so much, with gear crafting, knowledge sharing, and sharing orichalcum secrets (oh dear Akasera). Priority number one in my opinion: further recruitement.

Now for the ”bad” news; from my experience, I feel that this is about the time where we have to deal with concerns rising up. Often, people aren’t straightforward enough with their early concerns, and us leaders misinterpret that as you’re perfectly happy. This is a game… anything detrimental to your fun factor is important. Maybe you feel we don’t have enough members? Maybe you feel that I talk too much on mumble? Maybe you wish to take up a leadership position? It doesn’t matter what, we’re a week in and there’s much time to adjust if needed.

On that note, keep calm and carry on, and congratulations AoN to be the most badass guild out there in my opinion.

Your Pizza-Man and Play-Lover Convenant