AoN one week old!

It just hit me today that our guild just hit 7 days old. That’s amazing; I feel like we’ve been around for a long time already.  I feel, and I hope you all do too, that we’re already racking up street cred, kills, glory and riches. Since the creation of the guild, we’ve rapidly learned to play together and discover the game. I’m happy, and also suprised, that we help each other so much, with gear crafting, knowledge sharing, and sharing orichalcum secrets (oh dear Akasera). Priority number one in my opinion: further recruitement.

Now for the ”bad” news; from my experience, I feel that this is about the time where we have to deal with concerns rising up. Often, people aren’t straightforward enough with their early concerns, and us leaders misinterpret that as you’re perfectly happy. This is a game… anything detrimental to your fun factor is important. Maybe you feel we don’t have enough members? Maybe you feel that I talk too much on mumble? Maybe you wish to take up a leadership position? It doesn’t matter what, we’re a week in and there’s much time to adjust if needed.

On that note, keep calm and carry on, and congratulations AoN to be the most badass guild out there in my opinion.

Your Pizza-Man and Play-Lover Convenant


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