Rotation 3: Gates of Madness, Sorrow’s Furnace, Ehmry Bay

Good morning all,

I hope you had good sleep; it was a tiring but awesome night. Closing the 2nd week of WvW, our server was doing quite bad and AoN felt it too. Fighting the Maguuma zerg and botters with 3 orbs was quite difficult, and people (besides AoN) were just not that motivated for WvW.

As we enter the 3rd rotation, I’d like to congratulate all of you for being part of the amazing progress we made. When the server reset last time, we had a small party of 5 people on. In a week’s time, we’ve expanded that number to 10, and I’d say with almost no lost of quality, structure, effectiveness or fun factor. We are still on the right path towards our goal. Now for the specific and lessons we learned:

  • Although we still do have enormous respect for commander Zaileen/Sovietcuba, we despise Keep Trading. That was a huge letdown for me and the guild about GH. Going for Karma instead of kills is just not how we work.
  • As the need for a 2nd party leader arises, Macarak has stepped up. He will aid me in keeping the 2nd party together, coordinated and going. Ultimately, I still will be calling the shots until another WvWvW leader steps up.
  • Everybody’s invited to visit and register an account; it’s a server forum. This is completely optional; same as when I press you to post in our recruitement topic.
  • As we gain attention, protecting our reputation will be more and more important. Right now, I’d say we are pretty respected. I hope it will keep this way and we’ll gain mad street creds with our feats.
  • We took 10 and wiped at least 30, then proceded on killing 2 trebs and 2 ballistas. I hope you guys realize the awesomeness of what we’re achieving here!

I can’t think of anything else to add, but this was just to make a stop and reflect on our progress. AoN is now up to 18 members, and I do feel that those 18 members feel good playing with each other. Keep calm and carry on.





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