October 10th Compendium

Hello people,

It’s been a while since the last update and I’ve got plenty of things to say. Let’s go point by point:

1) New members

A few days ago we gave ourselves a goal to recruit new members fast. That goal was achieved and I’d like to welcome 3 new level 80s: Additv, Jhuce, Konnerr. Also our first non-level 80 that we recruited on accident; but whom is pretty good at PVP so we decided to keep him: Snake! Welcome to you all; make yourself at home and again, if you need anything, I’m addicted to this game so I’ll be on.

This also means these members need to integrate themselves FAST. That means PVP with us a lot, talk to us, get used to how we play so we can keep on recruiting. Please also get a mic if possible :P.

2) Voice-com

We need to talk more during PVP. I know I talk a lot; but I’m specifically talking about when we’re fighting. We’ve been doing so good, but I think to reach the next step this is important. I need you guys to communicate anything that can make us more effective. Popping elite, fear, AOE snare, AOE CC, pool, snare, cripple, vulnerable, cake, cookies whatever the heck you think will make us EFFECTIVE.

I can’t stress this enough. Doing so will make others know what your class can do, what’s your CDs, recognize abilities, and learn ways to chain stuff to achieve better synergy. Yes, mumble’s gonna be a mess when we’re locked up in a fight. I don’t care… With time, we’ll get more experienced and eventually, we’ll learn to play with each other and with time, we won’t even need to say anything; it will be automatic.

3) Shut me up

If I’m talking too much or stepping out of line, in mumble or in zone chat, shut me up. I don’t think it’s much of an issue, but this is just to remind everyone that taking care of a problem NOW if more efficient than getting pissed silently in it.

4) Further improvement on our tactics: pulling out

During the last few days, we’ve become extremely good at bombing and daggerstorming. It’s time to introduce the next concept (not the hardest, I’m trying to go step by step.): never dying. Everbody needs to get really good at pulling out before they get downed; know your limit. When you get downed in the middle of them without a plan to get back up, you’re forcing your team to build around you. We’ll work on that aspect next week probably, but for now, we’re just simply not good enough to rez a lone member in the middle of a 10v30 situation. Don’t get caught.

As a SEAL team, we fight on our terms. We should ALWAYS have the freedom to pull out and restrategize if we need to. This means 2 things: don’t commit unless I say so and don’t commit your team. Sometimes we’ll bomb them and realize we don’t have enough DPS to finish them off. It’s the leader’s call to say ”GTFO TIME” and it’s your job to allow us to do so. When it’s GTFO TIME, pull back towards where I say; stay close to the blue dots and rally on me.

Maybe you’re thinking we’re already doing this. Yes, we are, and we’re far better at it than 99% of the GW2 population (I reserve the right to be realistic and cocky on our own website). But we’re not perfect, and the main flaw is we don’t help each other out. Guys; when somebody’s getting chain snared rooted bled immobilized dazed stunned, please help him… you can either draw attention off of him, heal him, buff him, and even burst his chasers to make him panic. I don’t want none of this every man for himself in AoN…

I want us to never die. We shouldn’t die, ever ever. We can kill less, I don’t care. But we fight on our terms and we never die. That’s our goal and I want us to achieve it before we move on to the next.

5) Server reputation

This has been touchy, as let’s face it: there’s a fuckton of drama going on. We’re stepping away from the scene for a while and we’re just gonna work on being liked by everyone. No coordination. We just work on perfecting ourselves.

On this note, have a good day guys and I’ll you tonight :).



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