Rotation 4: Darkhaven, Northern Shiverpeaks, Ehmry Bay

Hey, I’ll keep it simple today :). These are our following goals for week 4:

Keep working on pulling out and the ability to stay alive in any type of situation.

  • We’ve made excellent progress this week; we improved a lot on dealing with large zergy situations. 
  • There’s still imperfections, so this is a work in progress. 

Get Akasera his commander icon. He’s sitting at over 70 gold atm so I believe we’ll achieve it within this week. This is how I think it will work:

  • I will lead the AoN group. We will still be the SEAL team.
  • Akasera, when his commander icon is turned on (it can be turned on or off), will command the zerg.
  • Akasera will be able to use us as he wills it when herding the zerg; he may use us as a supply raid team, as cutting reinforcement lines or sticking with the zerg to ensure they have an easier time.
  • We will work as a GUILD to ensure that Akasera’s reputation stays as best as possible. That means don’t look too cocky, don’t insult the pubs, don’t be an asshole.
  • This venture relies on the fact that Akasera is competent as a commander. This demands trust from us, and also responsibility for him. As representant of AoN, his actions will reflect upon us. This is why it’s very important he does a good job and we support him 100%.
  • If you need ANY clarifications or concerns, talk to me.


  • We need more players still. We’re ready to accept new members so let’s work on that!

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