Rotation 5: Borlis Pass, Anvil Rock, Ehmry Bay

Greetings friends,

Very very productive week for us dear AoN :). I hope everybody’s enjoyed it, from destroying people in WvW, achieving feats we’ve never done, racking up mad street creds, recruiting many new members and listening to Taco’s real terror stories. I’ll keep this short once again, because our 1-month anniversary is coming soon and I’d like to write a big post about that to make a point on the direction we’d like to head to.

First of all, welcome to Exalon, Stumpy, Mei and PK. Exalon and Mei are our 2nd and 3rd mesmers, Stumpy’s our 3rd active warrior and PK is our 2nd ranger. We hope you all feel at home asap so we can open further recruitement. Let’s make some points:

Reputation, this has been most excellent this week and I can’t stress this enough, please please please be careful with our reputation. Between saying something stupid and keeping quiet, always keep quiet! We need to be respectable if we want to run around and still have mad street credz.

Killing, oh god we’ve gotten so damn good at it. We’re a machine. Please keep being creactive, Tacosupreme was really awesome and an excellent example. Keep finding new ways to do glorious stuff; we have the skill and the communication to do anything so let’s abuse of it.

Mumble, be aware, we’ve switched to!


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