November 12th Compendium

Hey guys and Bacon,

There’s a lot to say here… I don’t post much but this one’s kinda important.

Server choice; so Eredon Terrace is fighting Northern Shiverpeaks and Sorrow’s Furnance next. This is really bad, because those servers just don’t offer much in terms of WvW quality. Yes they field numbers sometimes, but every time we wipe them they dissapear and run. Plus they always run night crews and such nonsense, and just want to karmatrain. We’d like to stay away from that tier, and that’s why we’re switching servers next week, essentially to always have a good zerg to fight. I hope it’s not a problem that we change again; we have no attachements to this server and we recruited pretty good people from it, and let’s face it: this is the best WvW we’ve had in ages. No regrets : )

WvW dynamics; now yesterday we went up testing against the Ehmry zerg and both GH and SM were giving us trouble. Although it was still 15+ versus 8 of us, we should technically be able to wipe them even if they are all full exotics…etc. This gave us a reality check and arised several points we need to work on. Before we go on, the goal here is not to say we suck, or hurt people’s feelings; it’s simply to set us in the right direction get stuff done. I think it’s important to be able to judge oneself. I question myself constantly and try to be as perfect as possible, but like all of you, I’m a work in progress. I WILL be harsh here, whether you chooses or not to be butthurt is up to you, but if you’re perfect and can’t take criticism, there’s plenty of guilds out there who will circle jerk each other instead of sorting out the weaknesses.

  • Concentration, if we’re winning and it’s easy, okay you can be laid back. However, when it’s a very hard challenge, I expect everyone to be at the top of their game and be tryhards. Because a lot of do try hard for the group, and the reason we’ve been so succesful is because lots of do and have done so in the past. We’re a hardcore WvW guild. Please do realize that; we’re in no way elitist (we don’t discriminate based on skill) but you have to be WILLING. If you feel like you don’t want to try, then maybe you’re not right for the guild… for example, the same people will always be back rallied on me after we wipe, while some dick around at the merchant for 3 minutes, check their mail, eat food… this is just annoying for the rest of us. This needs to stop; we wipe –> waypoint even if you’re alive –> rally on me –> we’re good to go. You can’t commit? Then don’t, I’d rather have 5 of us than 6 of us with the 6th one just messing around. This is the harsh way to put it, but you know me; I’ll let most things pass but for everyone’s sake, use your judgement and don’t be the guy who drags the group down. I’ve lead my share of guilds, and even the most laid back people have the courtesy and respect to not hold the group back.
  • Group awareness, although we’ve been doing really well as a group (we fall back, kite, rez…et), a lot of us have very little group awareness. Even when we kite together, it seems that a lot of us aren’t even aware of what’s happening to their group members and only care about themselves. This is dumb. Help each other, no matter what happens, because if one of us dies, we’re all going back to waypoint regardless (I’m not stupid, I know when there’s exceptions to make). You need be conscious and use your group to your advantage. This means help focus targets that are attacking guildmates, help guildmates out, call it when you need help, help clear the backlines, call it when backlines need help… stop playing as individuals and start playing as a group. Running around together does NOT make us a group. Think as a pack because, trust me, you can’t achieve anything alone.
  • Focus fire/Assist train, alright, frankly we suck at it. But this is normal… see the last 2 weeks I put our whole emphasis on pacing and let go of assist training. This was because people we fought were so terrible that I was downing them with my sword throw. Now it’s different, there’s retaliation guardians, thieves spamming daggerstorm on us, people messing up our backlines. People are getting better and we need to adapt. We need to learn how to take down other guild groups and be the best out there; and for this, focus fire is an absolute must. I’m switching our emphasis from pacing to focus fire and assist training.
  • Me (Convenant), alright, as expected I still make mistakes while calling shots (granted I don’t think it happens often, but yesterday vs the Ehmry zerg (several guilds all on Teamspeak), I made some mistakes that cost us several wipes. And I did get quite frustrated by it. Obviously in that situation playing the blaming game is completely stupid, since obviously the fault is never on one thing. It’s a combination of things (mostly of the above) and I’m part of the combination. As I still love you guys, I hope you can still love me. I do hope I’m allowed room for mistakes, and trust me, I keep my standards high on my performance. When I get mad (very very rarely), I’m actually mad at myself way more than anything else. I like to beat myself up, and it makes me competent in what I do. But that demands trust, since it takes trust and spirit to get back up after wiping 3 times in a row. If you do trust me as a leader, then I think you’d be willing to give me that room for mistakes. And I promise you I’ll try my best.

That’s about it, I’ll talk to you guys more about it ingame if you want. Basically, yesterday opened my eyes and I felt compelled to make a point about it. Despite all the negativity, I still feel like we’re fucking awesome. I think you guys are the best group of people I’ve played with, and many members also. I hope we’ll stick it out throughout our problems, differences and whatever the hell the world throws at us. There’s much much to hope for the future; let’s make that future come as fast as possible.

If you have ANYTHING, I’m more than welcome to chat. I didn’t come up with everything above by myself, I talked to a lot of guildies and this reflects their opinion as well. On this note, let’s get even better, because it would be absurd to say we’re not good. Have a pleasant afternoon, and thanks : )



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