Our Permanent Server: Maguuma

Hello guys and Pineapple (Bacon died… oh cruel world)

You guys have stuck it out with me thus far.. I’m asking to take a last step. As of today, Maguuma will be our home server. We talked a lot about it, and although not all of you gave me their input yet, I feel that as a guild, everybody feels good about it.

Before I go on I feel like I need to remind everyone something important. I’m not stupid; there is more to this server hopping than just to piss everyone off. If I decided we’d server hop, there is a very specific reason. Let’s not forget my dream:

One day our server will recognize us as an extremely reliable and effective special forces group. We will be the best and recruit nothing but the best. What we’re best at? Cold disciplined killing. Commanders will rejoice at being able to use us as their will, and we only recognize competent commanders. We will work with the server in an ongoing effort to improve and take it to the top.

To achieve that, we need to be reliable and good. Skill and effectiveness is key to what we want to do; there’s no way around it.  We cannot be useful to our server if we get wiped constantly; we’d be better off just sticking with the zerg then. I don’t want to be one of those groups that try to be tactical teams but don’t actually achieve anything. They’d be just more useful just sticking with the commander. IF we want to detach ourselves from the main zerg, we need to be able to be extremely efficient deep in enemy lines, where we’d have almost no zerg of our own to support us. Let’s see what we’ve learned beating ourselves up at being underdogs:

  • No one is stressed out while fighting huge numbers. It’s became our comfort zone. A sea of red? Big fucking deal, we deal with that all day every day.
  • No zerg of our own? Just a week ago people were still complaining ”where’s our zerg?”. No one is anymore. No excuses, we’re a tactical team and we can work without any support from the outside. By playing servers that were near empty, we became used to that. Again, comfort zone.
  • We’ve gotten so much better as a guild. We did, and I’m so proud of everyone. There’s no denying our skill level as a group went from maybe a rating of 25 to about 40 in just a week’s time. Why? Because shit, being the underdog is hard.  Fighting outnumbered 10 to 1 is hard. We got used to hardship.
  • We’re a guild now. Really, we are. We switch servers. People come and go. AoN stays the same, and it’s great that a group of people can enjoy this game together like this. This game would be different without you guys.

But I feel that we’re getting tired of server hopping. So the ”training” ends now, we’re going to enter the real war. These weeks server transferring has yielded EXCELLENT results. We recruited good players, fought against huge zergs in overwhelming odds, in the hardest conditions possible (without a zerg of our own). It’s time to put our skill to use for our server. We’ve chosen Maguuma; here’s why.

  • MAGUUMA is very WvW oriented. I’ve talked to some of their commanders (Tsazari, Paralda..) and I feel  that it is a server that strives to improve as a whole in WvW. All the things Ehmry Bay put on paper by their forum warriors but couldn’t put into place due to lack of real warriors? Maguuma’s the opposite. They’ve been actively organizing their WvW efforts as a server and strive to climb up the ranks to seek real challenges.
  • MAGUUMA has a public mumble, in which  they use much more often than Ehmry ever did. They actively use it and their communiction as a whole (both in chat and between commanders/guilds) seems excellent.
  • MAGUUMA has been our opponent almost 4 times, and each time, we’ve enjoyed to fight them extremely. They keep coming back after a fight and they’re willing to learn from their mistakes. The more we kill them, the more we bring. I feel like this is the mentality that will take a server far.
  • MAGUUMA, after fighting us 4 times, I’m sure they recognize our tag. This is really excellent good for our penis size (for Pineapple more boob size). I’m joking, but this is good because we can start putting ourselves out for hire for commanders right away without building a reputation… I know we’re not the best, but at least they have a good feel of what we can do.
  • MAGUUMA is fighting Ehmry Bay and Crystal Desert next week.

Excellent, excellent. Official switch time might vary; I really want us all to switch at the same time so nobody gets left out. We’ll work that out when I get home.  The goal is we’re all on Maguuma by friday (reset). If your timer comes up later than friday by the reset; if you cannot make it for friday then ugh… this is ackward but you might have to play without us until your timer come up… fractal grind maybe?

Oh also you might notice Macarak’s been appointed to leader. I could have equally appoint leader to several other people. There is no coleader rank, and there is no officer rank. Respect is earned. You don’t need a rank for it. There are no formal ranks in AoN. Decisions such as joining/kicking/direction/alliance/reputation are to be taken to me personally. I feel like I’m active enough to make all important decisions.

So this is mainly because if one day I die or get banned for botting (lol) or accidently leave the guild, we have a 2nd active leader to invite me back or carry on my legacy. Both Ghost and Reveng are now inactive, so… we need a minimum of two actives for safety.



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