Stormbluff Isle and WvW recap

Hey everyone,

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything and that is normal, as this website served a recruitement and advertising purpose and that purpose has its place no more. Today’s purpose is to recap, both for me to mentally word our our direction as a guild, and also to let our newer members catch up to us.

Stormbluff Isle is the newest server we’ve transferred on. We enjoy fighting outnumbered, or as Niom calls it, target-rich environnements, and frankly, yesterday night was the best fun we’ve had in a while. We sincerely hope it stays this way. However, we do not know yet if this is our permanent server or not, depending on how much we feel whether it will or will not drop down the ranks like a brick. We are not WvW analysts, and with the transfers, fluctuation is unpredictable.

Next. I suggest everyone makes peace with the fact that transfers WILL cost us gold. That is the unfortunate cost of being part of this guild. I, personally, do not care about my gold. I only care about my fun factor while playing this game. If you care so much about 10-20 gold that you are willing to leave behind AoN, then maybe AoN is not the right guild for you. I believe that over the weeks, we’ve created something truly unique, and nobody out there in the WvW scene has been able to replicate what we do.

That being said, we will not spend gold uselessly. We will not transfer every week; maybe one more time after server transfers become paid. I am a realist person, and I take into account sensible opinion and facts. Fact is… Stormbluff Isle will be fun. And fun is worth more than 10-15 gold, that we easily make in a week of WvW. What do you need gold for, anyways? That new greatsword skin will not make you have more fun than two weeks on SBI..

Now, what of Stormbluff Isle then? Well, we don’t know if it’s our permanent server or not. If it stays around T2 or T3, then maybe it is our server! If not, we will transfer. Our goal? Lots of stuff to kill, at all hours of the day! Easy breezy… Either way, let’s make it work guys. I suggest everyone to take a look and make your introductions at, and to talk to server guilds, leaders and commanders, and look out for a potential recruit. We do glorious things. People must know. Happy hunting, have a nice day. 

Eagles and ostriches!