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Convenant here,

Anemizo is currently active leader of [AoN]. Convenant is founder and co-leader, and will assist Anemizo in any tasks. Alternatively, you can contact any of our members and we’ll try our best to make ourselves available to you within the day. The easiest way would be messaging us in-game or through voice-com. I’ll list the ingame stuff below and you can find the voice-com stuff in the voice-com section.

Ingame name

– Anemizo (anemizo.8945)

– Convenant (convenant.7092)



One thought on “Contact us

  1. Pigarro says:

    Hey guys, tonight i had a blast fighting against you was like 30 of us and 12 of you, it was very impressive how organized you guys are , i hope you stay fighting against us (SOR server). No matter who won or lose, it was very fun!!! cya in game guys. (sorry about my english, it’s not my main language)

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